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Your busy schedule can make home repairs difficult to manage and your growing “To Do” list might seem overwhelming. Where do you start? One call to HandymanPro Services can solve all your home repair headaches.


Hello, my name is Randy Partridge. As a handyman (and home owner) for over 30 years, I know the importance of repairing and maintaining your home. Family safety and higher property value are worthy motivations. My building experience began in the 1980's installing HVAC and grew to include roofing and cabinet installation. I have remodeled and sold many homes over the years and I still enjoy learning and being challenged. My wife, Karen, and I own an older home in Dandridge which keeps us busy. Her honey-do list is my challenge and keeps my skills sharp.

As a professional handyman, I take my trade very seriously. I proudly offer quality service in a wide range of interior and exterior tasks that are typical around the house. Have you ever been frustrated because you had to call the plumber for one small job, the electrician for another, a carpenter for a third and after paying premium rates you are still left with a list of things that need to be done? 
There are many things that I do very well which can save you money. 

Calling HandymanPro Services is like one-stop shopping. Your list of needed repairs becomes a thing of the past and you can finally relax.

Let me help you cross those things off your
“To Do” list. 


I take pride in a job well done. High quality, consistent work and excellent customer service is how I do business. My reputation depends on your satisfaction. Professional, safe and reliable - that’s my guarantee! 




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